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Influencer marketing catching steam in times of Covid19

Covid19 has done enough damage to businesses across the world, but like they say, the ‘show must go on’, business has to continue functioning and will sooner or later have to find the most safest and effective way to remain resilient. While economy limps back slowly, there will be an increased need to communicate more effectively all over again and communications will become key to the success of businesses moving forward. Advertising and print media both have taken a big hit, it is public relations that is currently giving the ventilator support to the brand campaigns.

Online content consumption is increasing, there has been spikes across the content categories, from learning to entertainment, and people are massively consuming content. So when advertising is down, communications is now being actively supported by content creators crating interesting content from the confines of their homes. People have more time in their hands but at the same time, there has been excess of content being bombarded, consumer would turn to their trusted sources to qualify what they are consuming. This phenomenon makes Influencer marketing important more than ever.

Here’s what’s has changed and why is it the best time to engage micro and macro influencers to influence your consumers:


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