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Instagram’s GIFs hit Snapchat’s digital marketing brand game directly!

Instagram recently announced to its users that they can now add GIF stickers to photos and videos with amazing cool effects. The GIFs make up for an ongoing digital marketing and branding game which started with Snapchat.

Instagram introduced its Insta Stories back in August 2106 and has been going viral since then. It took a direct hit with another social media platform – Snapchat, known for its extensive photo sharing feature. Though Insta Boomerang itself proved to be a tough competitor, thanks to its video adding capability, the new GIF’s creation becomes a direct shot for Snapchat.

Tagged as a “Snapchat-esqued” package offer, the GIF move portrays a high-stake war for engaging more active Insta users, particularly the Gen Z clan! Mike Krieger, Instagram co-founder and chief officer of technology said, “We will incorporate more fun and hilarious stickers relating to today’s generation so that our platform gains a tremendous boost by the end of 2018.

The new feature allows every user to choose from more than 100,000 animated stickers. Moreover, users will also see which moving images are raging all over the platform. The GIFs can be searched through GIPHY, the online database which allows users looking for particular GIFs by using specific descriptions such as “feeling meh”, “feeling naughty”, etc.

Josh Von Scheiner, founder cum creative director at VonShine industries, the social media agency said, “Brands looking for greater user base via online marketing strategies will have to start working on their posts making them adjustable to incorporate the GIFs.”

Von Scheiner further states on how Instagram’s move is nothing but another “shot across bow” targeted towards Snapchat. Millennial and Gen X abound on Instagram but the Gen Z group still wanders on Snapchat. If the new digital marketing strategy works well, then people will see Insta hook a major portion of young, active Gen Z users anytime soon.

Instagram has about 4.2 million users aged between 12 and 17 years while Snapchat still consists about 4 times the number. Von Scheiner said, “These GIFs are emoticons and the future language for upcoming generations. The emoticons changed language and now, same mechanism effects on how we all are creating and sharing photos.”

Users will access GIF stickers from the GIF option sitting under “add sticker” button situated at the top of stories section. Insta people can choose the option thus getting access to a whole library of live stickers. After that, they will have to drag their preferred GIF to a photo or video which they will be posting.

The recent integration of GIPHY sets an exciting path for Instagram’s digital marketing game as it will be a huge advancement for the photo-sharing app taking a direct dig at Snapchat.


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