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Interview with Benoy Sebastian

Benoy Sebastian - Sr. Features Writer, Ideal Home and Garden
Benoy Sebastian – Sr. Features Writer, Ideal Home and Garden

Last week we introduced a new section on Vikypedia –‘Journo Speak’, a tete-a-tete with one of the most important stakeholder group. Here we would assume their role for some time and interview them to understand their opinions about PR practitioners and our business on the whole.
This week our guest on ‘Journo Speak’ is Benoy Sebastian.

Benoy Sebastian is a Sr. Features Writer with Ideal Home and Garden

SK: What is the 1st thing that comes to your mind when I say PR Professional?
BS: PR professionals are often tasked with everything under the sun when it comes to brand management, perceptions and communications. In PR, the professionals work with a variety of audiences (or as known in the industry as – publics), simply put – to best represent and manage the relationship with an organisation or company.

SK: One quality you like in a PR Pro?
BS: Hard working, precise to the point, good knowledge

SK: One quality you dislike in a PR Pro?
BS: Artificial smile and floss candy attitude (I just hate it). Just be your natural ‘self’

SK: What is the ideal time for a PR Pro to contact you?
BS: Anytime between 5 am to 7 pm

SK: What is the best mode to connection with you?
BS: Email, chat and whatsApp

SK: Your preferred method of interaction with the spokesperson?
BS: Always one-on-one (within city limits) or else email questionnaire

SK: Name the PR agency/s you have liked interacting with most.
BS: Adfactors PR and Synergy PR



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