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Interview with Rohit Panchal

Rohit Panchal, Correspondent, Business India
Rohit Panchal, Correspondent, Business India

Recently we introduced a new section on Vikypedia –‘Journo Speak’, a tete-a-tete with one of the most important stakeholder group. Here we would assume their role for some time and interview them to understand their opinions about PR practitioners and our business on the whole.

This week our guest on ‘Journo Speak’ is Rohit Panchal​.

Rohit Panchal​ is a Correspondent with Business India Group of​ Publications

SK: What is the 1st thing that comes to your mind when I say PR Professional?

​​RP: People who are armed with a tool the powers of which are not entirely used.


SK: One quality you like in a PR Pro

RP: They are good people.

SK: One quality you dislike in a PR Pro

RP: Not many know how PR has been used historically and its power.


​ SK: What is the ideal time for a PR Pro to contact you?

RP: Anytime during working hours.


SK: What is the best mode to connection with you​?

RP: Email​. Every email that needs to be responded to is replied to.


SK: Your preferred method of interaction with the spokesperson.

RP: One-on-One interview.


​​SK: Name the PR agency/s you have liked interacting with most​

​ ​RP: More than agency, it’s about people.


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