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It’s Story Time albeit with a twist…

Richa Seth
Richa Seth

By Richa Seth

‘Content is King’ has been the catchphrase in the PR fraternity and as they rightly say creative content is the best Public Relations outreach. So what are the best possible ways of using your content to tell a compelling story? For instance can we make a company announcement through a press conference/select media interviews on Google Hangout followed by a digitally optimized press release? Can the pitch note be made more interesting with an Inforgraphic or a Charticle? Below are some new age tools which can be used to craft some exciting content for pitching to the media, let’s explore how:

Ø  Google Hangout: We have been hearing a lot about Hangout and how some politicians and corporates have been using this tool to virtually communicate with people. Google Hangout – is a live group video chat feature that enables you to video chat with up to nine other people.  Google Hangout can be used to conduct virtual launch events for product launches followed by an interactive session.

Google Hangout is a boon for communication professionals who often face the challenge of spokesperson availability. One can use Hangout to conduct video interviews with media remotely and can even repurpose this interview for the spokesperson’s blog or other social media sites.Though India is still at a nascent stage of using Hangout, we are gradually adapting these tools in marketing as well as our day-to-day lives.

Ø  Digitally Optimized press release:  Customizing the press release for Search engine optimization (SEO) will help to increase visibility of news in search engines like Google and Yahoo

o   Check for the most searched keywords in that category on Google Trends/Google Analytics, use compelling keywords and hyperlink them with appropriate URL’s – company website, product/service page/company blog etc.

o   Headline– the title of the release will become the title tag of the page, which is a vital element of your on-page optimization.  If you have a target phrase, ensure your phrase leads the title of release

o   Use appropriate images and videos for search: Use Alt-tag – an alt tag which can help your images get discovered in search engines – all release images should be tagged appropriately

  • Social bookmarking tools like trackbacks and bookmark links to take advantage of the explosion in social networking
  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to increase the distribution potential of news and built the industry’s largest RSS network
  • Include podcasts along with the news to increase the impact of the news release 

Ø  TwitterChat: A tweet chat is a live Twitter event, usually moderated and focused around a topic. It is an interesting tool to engage with your consumers directly. The chat can also be filtered into a single conversation using a hashtag. I found this very detailed and useful article on hosting a TweetChat..check it out: http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevecooper/2013/09/30/the-ultimate-guide-to-hosting-a-tweet-chat/ 

Ø      Charticle: A Charticle as defined by Wikipedia is a combination of text, images and graphics that takes the place of a full article. It nothing but a visual representation of data intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Charticle is a compelling an interactive way of telling a story and often helps to grab the reader’s attention. HT Mint has been using some interesting charticles, like this one: http://www.livemint.com/Politics/pZFDwfzGDwdeVKOu5LuUwN/IT-sector-tops-PE-charts-in-Sep.html

Ø  Infographics: In the age of big data or information deluge, Infographics work very well to tell a story. Reports mention that search for infographics have increased by more than 800 percent since the start of 2010 to the beginning of 2012. Companies can use them to convey statistics, data, and other important information. Infographics are an excellent tool for getting more social media exposure and embedded links can be are beneficial in terms of search engine optimization.

Clearly the Digital revolution is gradually but surely changing the way PR functions and we need to imbibe the new age tools which will help reach out to a wider audience. Are there any other interesting tools which can be added to the above list, would be happy to add them.

Do share your thoughts with me on http://richaseth.wordpress.com/ or chat with me on Twitter @richaseth30.

Richa Seth is a PR Consultant, currently working as an Account Manager with a leading PR consultancy 


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