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How to Keep Up With the Social Media Trends? Know It Better!

Is social media your new identity? YES, it is! Social Media Management – the three words resembling ‘lub-dub’ for any social media enthusiast or for the ones using this medium to market their venture.

If you are in the social media circle, what matters is how you will keep up with the trend. Trending updates fetches 24 percent more viewers than regular updates. And, for your presence in the market, every percentage matters!

How will you stay updated with the trends?

If you were not aware of it before, now you will know. Checkout your way to 24 percent more views.

‘Tale of Twitter’

If you have an account, there is one thing that you are not supposed to miss, Moments. Now, this mostly focuses on the on-going trends all over the world revealing some of the biggest stories. To strive for better digital marketing, check the ‘what’s going on’ section on the left hand-side of the page. It focuses more on the happenings in and around your location.

Facebook’s Paparazzi:

Did you know that 62 percent of your online marketing can be done through Facebook alone? Checking trends in Facebook is not that difficult; rather easier than the others. Simply keep an eye in the tailored section that follows the algorithm to publish news that will be beneficial to you. Now that you know, prepare to get the paparazzi.

Buzz as same with Buzz-feed!

How often have you noticed Buzzfeed news on Facebook? Very often! This is because, writings in Buzzfeed are trending very much and people love it. So, this time, construct an idea that buzzes around the concept of this site’s trend.What more? You will be in the trending league of social media management!

Instantly on Insta!

Your Instagram account is now an important part of your life. Isn’t it? Click, post, share and like – the cycle of Insta life. And it’s an unsaid rule that everyone in digital marketing must have a trending life. But for Instagram, there is no hack as of yet! Just keep checking and following people!

You on YouTube:

Have you ever considered your career in YouTube vlogging? If not, you must do it! If you can simply flow with the trend, and post videos, it may go viral! Also, finding trend on YouTube is the easiest. They show suggestions based on locations which you can easily change.

Tip: You can subscribe to your competitor’s channel and watch their updates. As said, keep an eye on the competitor, always!

Google it up!

When there is nothing, there is God and Google! It will bring the world to you. Just check what’s trending and plan your social media management accordingly.

Note: Google Trends can be customised as per setting.

Which platform suits you the best? Let us know below in the comment section!


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