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Do you know about the 14 apps recommended by PR professionals?




And the list continues…

Apps have always made lives easier and relaxed for everyone practically. Efficiency has increased in working sectors and especially, the PR clan is extremely happy now!

They are like circus masters who are juggling and tackling difficult client personalities every moment. The 3C rule of clients, collaboration and clips prove exceptionally comfortable via apps! These perky little icons are enhancing workflows and promoting positive outcomes in the public relations field.

Let’s see what these media personnel have to say on 14 cool apps!

1. Mailtrack  Best for PR experts, this notifies you when a reporter opens your email and also alerts you on their every click.

2. Babbler – Promoting and posting stories online get easy and fast with Babbler! Moreover, it also provides them with the right media exposure.

3. Asana – A follow-up email app that lets you create helpful reminders for deadlines and upcoming projects.

4. MAP – An automation app showing the metrics of online traffic on a particular post.

5. BuzzSumo – Tracks the performance of a content and brand campaign once it goes LIVE!

6. NetBase – A measurement app that lets a PR professional understand how many hits or clicks his post has engaged!

7. Splashtop – Bringing in swift answers to a public relations event from your target audience, this app does leverage a lot of amenities.

8. Monday.com – Multitasking, especially coordinating a number of offices along with data of your business, gets easier with this one!

9. PRWeb.com – A budget-friendly app where press releases can be sent out to multiple client bases at once!

10. Airtable – Integration of client plans and assets, storing personal files for individual customers and also accessing images become quick tasks with this app.

While these are the vital 10 apps topping in the list of public relations professionals, the rest 4 are Instagram, Upitich, Twitter and Google Alerts. You already have the idea regarding these 4 as these have become a sensation amongst every millennial!

So, not beating around the bush; any young aspirant looking to hit the limelight of this arena can now use these helpful apps!


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