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YouTube declared ‘Game On’ to the leading Social Media Rulers with 3 new steps of progress

Was YouTube falling behind in the social media race?” 

This was the first questions reporters had in mind when they heard about its new three steps of development which are borderline close to the leading social media platforms.

For few consecutive years, YouTube could not even reach the top 3 position in digital marketing which was a great blow to them. To make it up, they are now taking their platform ahead with new features. Firstly, they are now trying to grab more attention of the audience by introducing ‘Breaking news’ section.

6 horizontal videos are having latest updates which are based on location, recent search and relative topics or if there is something exclusive going on in the world”, said an online marketing analyst.

He added, “There is no way to filter the view or make a specific choice as such. As per now, the reaction is more or less on the positive side.” This feature is available both in iOS and Android app.

The next step of progress that YouTube has added in Canada first and now, will spread it to the other parts is about adding a chat section.

Benoît de Boursetty, the product manager of YouTube, stated in a post that sharing video should be as easy as chatting. They will also add a private chat thread where people can talk and discuss the video.

Interestingly, the market researchers found this to be very similar to the Instagram and Snapchat. These new chat features will take access to contacts and get a direct link for sharing with a friend to create a thread. It seems to be a very smart card played by YouTube to improve its digital marketing as, without the share, one cannot create a chat thread.

This private conversation feature will allow maximum 30 people to join the group.

Benoît de Boursetty also takes a stand for the third feature, which includes ‘how many are watching.’ “Viewers must not be deprived of what is the best. They should see which video is getting more views and going viral.”

Although the marketers are not viewing this feature from the same perspective, they are simply taking this as a new strategy to get hits and increase curiosity among readers.

Nonetheless, this seems to be a good way to improve the media relations status of YouTube and gain the leading position soon.


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