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Do You Know the 3 Keys to Reputation Management in Social Media?

How important is it to maintain a good reputation for a company in the web world? Don’t know? Take a look at the power of Online Reputation Management (ORM) –

  • Around 83 to 84% of people trust recommendation from a known acquaintance which only comes with proper branding.
  • 70% of people rely more on online customer feedback than advertisement
  • ORM can draw 35% more clients.

Hence, if one concludes all three of these points, it comes down to – More number of clients. Isn’t this what every business owner looks forward to?

However, organising and managing ORM is never that simple. This calls for some carved out specifications that one needs to follow.

3 important tips that can boost your online reputation:  

  1. Never manage own reputation; hire an expert

The web is a very tricky place which one can only handle with years of experience in a specific field. This is simply because one will either end up over boasting or undermining one’s skills, both of which obviously have negative impacts.

Whereas, experts will be able to manage these with more precision. Also, they have a team for monitoring every step of progress and publish that the company makes in the web world.

  1. Social media monitoring

What do people have to say about you? The first lesson to reduce reputation risk is, by monitoring what sentiments people possess about your business. With more interaction on social media platforms, people will have even better idea regarding the business or the service.

So, keeping up with the social media pace, here is what one needs to keep in mind –

  1. Post things that not only speak about the company but also about the service and how it will benefit the clients
  2. Update offers
  3. Keep it open for readers to reply
  4. Post testimonies and reviews
  5. Always reply to the comments

These are not all as there are a lot more factors to keep in mind (here again, an expert company helps to handle every feedback strategically and manage the company’s social media reputation better.)

Fact: In 2016, as per a world survey on social media, it is deduced that a good social media reputation can fetch 43% more benefit. Also, a dating survey has given out the data, 80% of people get more dates just because they have better social media reputation management.

  1. Scrap out negative comments

Certain companies put an extra effort to make their ORM look authentic by managing the negative comments tactically. If you are doing the same thing, this can backfire. As per the survey, 62% of companies lose 1-3 clients daily due to negative comments. That means, in a month, it sums up to 30 to 90 clients and it’s a huge number especially for the ones who have just stepped in the business world.

These are the trio of important facts that every business owner needs to keep in mind to avoid online reputation risk. So, be on the safe side and hire an expert company who will do the good talk about you and on your behalf too!



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