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Kylie’s pregnancy Dawns a new age of social media management

Reality television star Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy rumor may usher a new age of social media management previously unprecedented. Their TV show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians is experiencing massive viewership, since all fans are waiting for Kylie’s status to be revealed.

Painted all over the media, everything from their social media handles, talk show quotes, selfies, and fashion are being used to deduce whether Jenner is truly pregnant or not. The model and TV sensation has been dating rapper Travis Scott for quite some time now and might be expecting a baby.

Many fans are disappointed because Kylie is keeping her status under wraps while everyone scurrying around for a sneak peek. Paparazzi are keeping an eye on the Kardashian household as news of new cribs being installed is floating in the air.

However, what most people are missing is the fact that maybe this is what the family planned all along. From her elder sister keeping mum on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show to Kylie missing from family pictures, it all seems like an elaborate plan.

Her social media management of various handles is creating an enigma by posting pictures of her in baggy t-shirts or above the waist snapshots. This is creating more speculation among fans and media alike, making them the talk of town.

The Kardashians have always been known to use their personal life as fodder to rekindle their unreasonable fame every now and then. Earlier, it was Kris Jenner’s sex change or Khloe Kardashian’s fatherhood rumor being linked to OJ Simpson; now it is Kylie Jenner’s apparent and possible pregnancy.

Whatever the reality of it maybe, the family has never really shied away from the public eye. To think that this time, all of it is unplanned is rather naïve on the part of fans.

No matter how they generate their popularity, this kind of social media management is treading a very fine line of ethics. Whether it is right and wrong is up for people to decide.


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