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5 killer digital marketing trends on Instagram in 2018

There is a new ruler in the hood of social media – and that is Instagram!

It’s powerful and a fun tool allowing you to market your brand by reaching hundreds and thousands of new customers each day! Digital marketing is evolving with each passing day and you need to keep yourself updated if you want to thrive.

If you are worried that this is going to be a dry and stiff lecture category post, then my friend, you are wrong! No more never-heard-of technical terms and no more info stuffing killing your appetite in the very beginning. So, relax and get to know about essential social media management tools to perk up your online market on Insta this year!

5 digital marketing essentials to keep up!

1. Incentive Algorithm

It’s true that we all are pretty much bored with same ol’ Algorithm stuff but a simple understanding is not harmful. Okay, so, Insta like FB makes money-selling ads and brands put in their ads for people to notice. Insta has a complex Algorithm feed which debuted on April 2016. This Algorithm maximizes Insta users on the app and thus, enhances new features to engage more people. Hence, this year understand the game of incentives that you need to put in your business which will show up on the Insta feed thus increasing your followers or customer per say.

2. 10/10/10 Hashtags

This hashtag strategy can be your golden ticket! Out with the old, “use more Hashtags in the first comment” advice. If you want to hit on the Instagram Explore Page then go with the mentioned strategy. As Insta allows up to 30 Hashtags, so use:

  • 10 Smaller Hashtags (10,000 to 50,000 total posts)
  • 10 Mid-size Hashtags (50,000 to 200,000 total posts)
  • 10 Large Hashtags (200,000 – 2,000,000 total posts)

3. More Video for Iger Family

Posting videos will help to communicate in a more personal way than text posts or images. Whatever products your brand market, create high-quality videos to attract more igers to your account. Such video content shall enrich your brand equity. For example, a leading sports brand uses their Insta account by posting videos of celebrities and athletes sporting their sportswear.  It’s all about the visual!

4. Use Link in the Bio

The links in your Insta posts are not clickable. So, you need to go to the bio section where they reside idle. The bio section is right under your name and you should change the link regularly especially during promotion of your product releases. This will improve your page or account bringing more value to your brand.

5.Think before you adapt

Any kind of digital marketing is useless unless you understand what your online target audience wants. You have to understand what works best for your business otherwise it’s a lost game.

In this case, social media management tools come to your rescue. Now, they not only help you to schedule your brand campaign in advance but also make you use social media analytics to measure success. You get to improvise your Instagram strategy by regular follow-ups of the number of clicks, follower counts and page engagement!




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