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Today every brand worth its salt is talking about its social media presence, marketers are shelling out lakhs from their traditional marketing budgets to create and sustain their presence on the new media. Most CEOs, who do not even understand social media are heard asking their CMOs “What is our social media strategy? What are we doing to engage the users?” While broadly speaking this is a must have but narrowing down a little, most executives are found counting the number of fans on Facebook, which according to them is the real factor rating their success on social media or simply Facebook to be clear. Social media marketing agencies have understood this and are coming out with various quizzes and contests to lure users to visit their page and participate in the contests/quizzes. The caveat is that the user has to like the page before he can participate and grab some goodies for himself.

But is this a real brand engagement? This may seem the best way to increase the number of likes for your page, but do these people who have visited your page simply for goodies, do come back again to check on the updates? Moreover those who have liked your page are the most apt target audience, the brand is trying to engage? These and many other questions remains unanswered in this race of increasing likes, while the agencies thrives and prosper by creating attractive contests and quizzes.

May be increasing the number of likes may be one of the strategy to reach out to the mass audience, but is it right in totality is a big question mark. I believe a social media campaign that lives on social cause or themes works better in the long run than simply running few odd apps and contests. The recent Tata Jaago Re campaign and Aircel Save Tiger campaign did motivate users to do lot more than simply like.

What’s your take on this do share and lets try and understand what’s working and what isn’t. Also share some interesting case studies of effective brand engagement on social media if you are aware of any.


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