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Map to Effective Communication, a workshop by PRPOI

PRPOI | Workshop 7 | Map to Effective Communication | 8 August 2014 ; 3:00 p.m | Cha Bar, Oxford, Churchgate , Mumbai

Most people say that most important activity for a PR person is talking. But is it actually talking or communicating? We have spent most of our life learning and mastering the art of talking. It’s now time to master the art of communication and connecting. That is exactly why you MUST be part of this workshop.

“Map to Effective Communication” is packed with learnings that via a unique workshop designed to enable Public Relations professionals to be able to communicate with absolute power and freedom. Using the amazing cutting-edge tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Context Coaching, the program will help you realize the blocks and the limiting beliefs that hold you back from communicating powerfully. This workshop has been created based on real experiences and feedback and has held the test of time. The workshop will hugely improve your performance in the areas that matter to you. This workshop is not just for freshers but also for seasoned professionals.

Entry by invitation

What you will take back from this workshop : Apart from learning how to effectively communicate you will also learn how to create rapport with your audience ( media / client / colleagues), interpersonal, behavioral and leadership skills and the ability to manage stress – with clients and media …and yes lots of networking too !

About the Speaker: 

Session will be conducted by Amit Punjabi from Sankalp Academy | http://www.sankalpacademy.in/ | A certified NLP Trainer (IPANLP) certified NLP practitioner (NFNLP), USA, learning skills & performance coach, certified life strategist PG is human resource administration and a riveting speaker !

Bookings : https://getfbpay.in/prpoi

Venue : Cha Bar, Oxford Book Store, Churchgate

Date : 8 August 2014 , Friday
Time : 3:00 p.m

Cost: INR 650 /- per person


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