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Maximise your potential of storytelling as a powerful digital marketing tool!

Storytelling, simply put, is the oldest form of advocating an idea. For ages now, people have been using stories to convey information and to bring forth a point of view. However, despite the existence of storytelling since the dawn of humanity, most brands today are yet to realise its full potential as an effective tool for digital marketing.

But why is storytelling such an effective tool?

To answer that, consider Brian McClendon’s theory regarding his very own brainchild – Google Earth. McClendon says, the very first thing users of Earth do is look up their own house on it. So, even when practically the whole world is at their disposal, a user’s first disposition is to see what’s already familiar to him/her.

This validates the tool for each person by building a personal connection. Likewise, the purpose of stories is to give the listener/reader a sense of inclusion; of letting people know how to find resonance in another’s experience.

Strangely enough, the purpose of digital marketing is the same as that of storytelling – to endear a product or service by personalizing it. How do you achieve it? Well, there are plenty of ways.

Design interlaced ad campaigns

Adverts are a great way to grab eyeballs. However, to maximise its potential, try interweaving several successive ads with a common narrative. You can do this with the help of callbacks, having the same protagonists or using an established locale.

It ties the viewer into a narrative that they feel a part of. As a share of an experiment, a study testing the effect of ads that were sequenced like stories reported an incredible 87% increase in views and 56% conversion lifts.

Tell your company’s origin story

Origin stories are a great way to build intimacy with the client base. It allows users to get to know what a brand stands for, its values and ideals. Companies, steeped in tradition and legacy, tend to use origin stories to significant effect in attracting new users.

Tell your customer and employee stories

Customer testimonials are a great way to build faith in the company. You can have digital video space dedicated to individual customers who would like to share their experience. The best kinds of customer stories are ones that highlight what the need of a customer was and how the company helped provide it.

However, in digital marketing, what can stand out, even more, are employee stories. Your company’s employees are, after all, the backbone of the business. Highlighting their role and experience bodes well for customers who get to understand better how the organization functions.

All in all, online marketing, if done right, can be an extremely effective tool in building strong customer relations and overall presence.


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