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Media Survey Questionnaire for Tweet-up #PR4PR

Dear All,

Further to our discussion on preparing for our next tweet-up #PR4PR, we had suggested that we will do three surveys amongst 3 key constituents that largely form the perception that we have in the market today.

The first survey questionnaire for the first constituent i.e. Media is ready, here is the link http://bit.ly/1deuw1V

Request you all to share it with as many journalists as possible in your own region. It will be great if you inform the forum on which sector/city journalists you have shared the questionnaire then it will help avoid duplication of efforts and reducing spam.

This questionnaire is important for us to understand the real perception they have about us, there may be many myths that we have been carrying it from long time, there might be possible that the truth is something we were never aware about. Hence it is very important to understand what – Media, our key stakeholder think about us. Hence send it to as many people as possible and request their feedback.

It exactly takes 4 minutes to complete the survey. There is no option for journalists to identify themselves and hence the question of privacy will not arise at all.


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