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Where do millennial find inspiration for creating digital media content?

With innumerable numbers of digital media content available, it becomes quite tough to curate original ones. If you are a millennial and want to create original content, you might be facing some difficulties.

Chances are, what you have thought of creating has been already done and redone. Thus, innovation plays a key role here, and whoever gets to use it efficiently is pronounced as the content king.

So, how can you come up with original digital contents?     

A recent survey conducted, divided Millennials into two age groups – 18 to 34, and 35 and above.

This survey found various data on what are the inspirations of Millennials for creating digital content, what platforms do they use, what they wanted to learn online, etc.

According to this study, the top 2 sources from where Millennials find inspirations include:

  1. YouTube

Around 23% individuals go to YouTube for finding inspiration for their digital content. However, only 12% of those aged between 33 and 65 years used this platform.

  1. Pinterest

21% Millennials use Pinterest as their inspirational source; 15% of this falls between the ages of 33 and 65 years.

Excluding social media, Millennials had other sources as well – 15% individuals over the age of 33 found inspiration from online publications. On the other hand, only 6% below that age found inspiration from the same.

What do they search for?

The survey laid out the following as what the two groups wanted to learn from these sources:

  • 22% and 13% – How to code?
  • 14% and 7% – How to build a mobile app?
  • 18% and 6% – How to knit?
  • 21% and 12% – Taking part in an online art course.

Coming from searches, the survey also laid out the software which Millennials use to create content – only 25% used software like Adobe for content creation.

Moreover, around 27% of the first group used software to find stock photos and videos. On the other hand, only 6% of the second group used such software to find stock content.

What does the future say?

The survey also found what Millennials tend to do in the future –

  1. Around 35% said to use a software for creating or editing a video.
  2. About 51% plan to utilize a software to edit an image.
  3. 25% of the first group and 33% of the second plan to get into blogging in the next year.

The survey, hence, laid out not only the sources which Millennials use to take inspiration from, for their digital media content but also how they perceived it as well.


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