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MSLGROUP Infographic: AAP – National rollout, positioning and challenges

The recent elections to the Delhi Legislative Assembly were revolutionary in many ways. A tidal wave of anger against corruption and disillusionment with the political system swept the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) – a very new entrant to the arena – to within touching distance of a majority. It won 28 of the Assembly’s 70 seats.

Later, it accepted support from the Congress to form the state government.

How did a party that did not exist even a year earlier manage this? How did it get its messaging right? And what in its value proposition struck a chord with the electorate?

MSLGROUP in India, as part of its ‘Voice of India 2014’ insights initiative that focuses on the impending general elections, has put together an infographic that analyses the dizzying rise of AAP and the challenges before it.

Click on link to see the full infographic: http://www.slideshare.net/getvicky/aap-a-movement-and-its-positioning-mslgroup-infographic

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