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Myths Vs. Facts for Digital Marketing That You Must Know!

What does the digital marketing world say? Content is the king! However, like any rule, there will always be certain myths surrounding which people start believing quite quickly. How do those myths affect? It has a very simple effect – Drops the quality of the content.

The surprising thing is, more than 45% of the people looking for content contemplate on those myths; hence, they never get the desired result.

Time to burst the bubble of myths!

Myth – SEO revolves around keyword density

Fact It’s the talk of the past. The keyword is an important part of SEO. However, it is not just the only part. Stuffing too many keywords will bring down the content in the ranking index, especially if one uses manipulative keywords.

Example: Suppose the article is on Levis women jeans and while writing, there is a stark comparison with J21, and one has mentioned both the brands in the content. Now, when someone searches for J21, he/she will find this article on Levis which is going to manipulate the readers. Hence, Google will rank the content low.

Tip: Using keywords twice in a content of 500 words is good enough.

Myth – Shorter it is, readers will be happy to read.

Fact If this is the case, novels would never have been best sellers. Readers need information and value which one can never give within 300 – 700 words (what most people ask for). As a result, there is a lesser chance for the content to rank better.

Remember the three things Google is looking for –

  • Information
  • No redundant or manipulative data
  • Reader satisfaction

However, the posts should not be more than 2500 t0 3000 words maximum. In these contents, making an index and giving strong headings are imperative.

Myth – Make it complex for better results

Fact Using complex words won’t make a content better. Rather, keep it simple so that people can understand it easily. When it comes to marketing communication, there will be readers from different backgrounds. So, it is important to make sure that it’s easy to understand for all.

Myth – Rewrite means reframing the same content

FactAbsolutely not! Rewrite means adding more value by updating the content. Keeping the topic and keywords same, one must change the rest of content in terms of –

  • Information placement
  • Flow of the content
  • Deletion the redundant parts
  • Add new information
  • Change the format

Otherwise, there is a fair enough chance that it will come out as a duplicate content and Google will block it.

Myth – Digital Marketing is all about sales from the beginning!

Fact Partly true, but not completely. One certainly doesn’t have to be affiliated with an e-commerce site or other methods of earning; there can be write-ups for other purposes too. Presently, there are many websites spreading awareness against crimes, supporting teenagers to be contemplating their messy thoughts, lifestyle and more.

To make a site profitable, first, make it productive. Give genuine information and focus on reader satisfaction at first, later things will blissfully fall into place.


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