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Now another web browser for Social Networking – RockMelt

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After Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari do you really need another web browser and that to specially designed for Social Networking? And at a time when the world is slowly shifting towards a touch-driven mobile surfing?

Before passing a judgment, experience RockMelt, it a new very promising browser of the Facebook era, backed by a Netscape alumni group, primarily funded by Marc Andreesen, the co-founder of Netscape and owner of Andreessen Horowitz a venture capital firm

RockMelt integrates Facebook, Twitter and other social services right into the browser itself. At the same time, it makes it easy to add news feeds and other information sources. The browser is based on Chromium (the open-source project behind Google’s Chrome browser), requires you to sign-in with your Facebook credentials. Once logged in, you can add your favorite friends and news feeds on the left and right side of the browser. The browser makes it easy to update, tweet and share content via Facebook and Twitter. This browser will also keep an eye on your favourite website, alerting you as soon as new content is available.

One of its other main features is how it handles search from the browser search box. When you type in a search, results are displayed in a column overlay with each underlying page preloaded so that it appears in the main browser window when you click on each result.

According to the makers of RockMelt (Tim Howes and Eric Vishria), people’s usage of web and the services they use have changed, the browser itself hasn’t changed very much. The modern web has evolved to a point where it needs a new kind of browsing experience. They argue that today, everyone in the browser market is about minimal user experience, ease of navigation and speed. What RockMelt is focused on is around people’s web usage – which centers on consuming content, social sharing and social networking.

As per Andreessen, although people spend most of their time on computers using Web browsers, they have failed to keep up with the evolution of the Web as a social media. Adviser and investor in RockMelt, former board member of Netscape, William V. Campbell has stated that RockMelt will be a browser of the Facebook era. You can sign up here to get an invitation to test the browser.

Go ahead, experience and share your views


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