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Oklahoma churches imbibe digital marketing services to go live!

Media Fusion, the streaming technology provider showed how people of today watch Easter online.

All thanks to Oklahoma Churches who went for a new digital marketing approach by going live with streaming videos.

Digital mediums have overtaken almost every possible sector involving human life. Moreover, metrics of previous year shows that number of online viewers has increased 5 times than what it was in 2017. Embracing digital technologies like streaming service by several reputed Churches of Oklahoma paves the path for an unorthodox religiosity.

“We stream on both our website and Facebook Live so that more and more people can watch the Holy Mass of Easter,” said Brad Mendenhall, the lead pastor working at World Harvest Church.

Further, he added, “We see great results as almost 40 computer and 150 viewers on Facebook are reached.”

The World Harvest Church chose this digital media several years ago realising how much it benefitted the followers who, by some reason, failed to attend the celebrations of Easter. Brad Mendenhall continued, “People who do not live at Oklahoma any longer also get the chance to observe our rituals. In fact, a person from England still watches our celebrations today!”

Moreover, Enid’s Emmanuel Baptist Church’s Sunday Morning services are also streamed online. Emmanuel Church likewise sees people watching their regular masses online on the website from different countries in the world, showing the reach of digital marketing services.

Wade Burleson, the Lead Pastor at Enid said, “We do not see online streaming to less than conventional Mass attendance at the Church.We make sure every follower of the Lord remains happy no matter what medium they choose to observe the holy ritual.”

Digital marketing services like the streaming video online have resulted in creating a cluster of “e-church” goers as titled by Oklahoma Churches. The sermons and rituals remain the most important aspects for any follower of the Holy Lord. Moreover, it encourages relationship of the Church with their devotees.


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