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Perfect Your Personal Elevator Pitch

You must have worked on an elevator pitch for your clients many a times and must have effectively used to pitch your clients to journos when you bump into them at seminars, media visits, press conferences etc. But have you ever thought about preparing your personal elevator pitch?

To find a job, you need to be ready to market yourself at any time. Make sure you’re equipped with the right pitch—don’t be afraid to toot your own horn, and don’t waste time reiterating your resume.

Instead, state in one concrete sentence what makes you so effective. Talking about the impact you’ve had—and can continue to have—is much more compelling than listing your experience. For example, one assistant said of herself, “I can make any boss shine.”

Speak at a pace that shows you are calm and confident. Practice your pitch often. And remember that jobs don’t just come from interviews. Use any opportunity you have to deliver your pitch—at family gatherings, in waiting rooms, or at the coffee shop. Don’t wait for the elevator.


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