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Photo Opportunity

There is nothing like getting a story in a publication and then
discovering your clients dont have the right photos…or any good photos…

I sent this email out to some of my clients today….and thought it
would be a FRIENDLY REMINDER to other PR folks, too.

“If you don’t already have a professional headshot and body shot in hi-
res, please get it done. You also need a hi-res logo and some hi-res
shots of your business environment/products. This is not only
important for your own marketing material/website/brochures/business
card…but also for stories that may be published in the local media.

In the past week I have had two media requests for photos for clients
with the reporter on deadline. I shouldn’t have to even ask for the
photos…you should already have them and they should already be in my
computer files because this isn’t the first time I got a call for a
last-minute photo! “The media have a job to do, and if you are
cooperative and help to make it easier for them, they are more likely
to keep calling you in the future.”

I very well understand that your’ll know your business better, but
incase you have missed the above due to oversight; please make sure
you get that done before the emergency strikes.


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