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Pinterest Witnesses 50% YoY Rise in SMB Advertisements

As per latest reports, Pinterest has reported the presence of more than 1.5 million businesses on its website, aimed trivially to connect to their respective target customers. This social media site also claimed of growing its digital marketing platform base for small businesses which has garnered them a Year on Year or YoY leap of 50%, as compared to the previous year.

In addition to extending its platform for small businesses, the site is also striving to extend its “Promote” button accessibility permissions beyond the United States of America; predominantly to the expanses of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK.

In this effort, Pinterest has also appointed its global lead for small and medium businesses listings through the hands of Matt Hogle. Hogle will report directly to his global partnership head, Jon Kaplan and will be responsible for carving out new-fangled SMB programs and campaigns.

“Pinterest has emerged to be the precise advertisement platform for small businesses, and I am excited to render these ventures their deserved recognition”, quoted Hogle.

Matt’s entry to the company was unveiled on the 1st year anniversary eve of Pinterest Propel, a strategic marketing communications tool providing agencies and brands with one to one support for brand marketing optimization.

This new tool, however, has seen exponential applause from critics and users alike. According to them, Propel allows businesses and users to render custom pins and provides personalized support extending a small business’s online visibility manifold.

Pinterest Propel as an effective marketing communications tool has helped my site receive three times the number of clicks and has had a comprehensive contribution to my venture’s annual turnover”, said an enthusiastic SMB advertiser.

Coming back to its SMB advertisements, Jon Kaplan brought up the inclusion of DIY Promoted Pins. Catering predominantly to small and medium businesses, these promoted pins have had a significant contribution in providing Pinterest with its 50% YoY SMB hike.

The final hour of the session saw officials ponder on the intricacies of their product organization team. To enhance their digital marketing capabilities, a merger of their ads product and consumer product team has been proposed to be led by their SVP of Product, Lawrence Ripsher.

With an impressive marketing stance this fiscal, only time will tell, in which direction the inclusion of Matt Hogle and the deployment of DIY promoted pins will steer the future of this SMB giant.


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