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Pinterest’s Digital Marketing Strategy Ushers in Ad Buyers via Consumer Insight Messages

Leading social media platform, Pinterest has ushered in consumer insight messages to attract more ad buyers. Earlier this week, the platform announced their making of latest Audience Insight Tool which will be available to everyone soon.
This tool was earlier in beta and now, will be made conceivable to the platform’s Ads Manager. The tool is a part of Pinterest’s digital marketing strategy to help marketeers and buyers observe the latest happenings on this platform without making an effort to call.

All organizations along with the clients know that Pinterest has a weirdly unique insight message tool. But they do not have access to this. Thus, they no longer have to call our salesperson to know what or what not is available,” commented Yolanda Lam who is Pinterest’s lead person of organization partnerships.

The platform is in a high competition with other social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Vikram Bhaskaran who presented Pinterest’s latest addition at a recent presentation at Mediabrands stated that –

“We have 200 million active monthly Pinterest users whose purchasing decisions are based on what they portray on our platform. They will collect data from this insight messaging tool and thus, quip for our database based on one’s identity and intent”.

A noveau digital marketing strategy on part of Pinterest, now this platform will also be more viable as one’s individual productivity tool.
The entire site is based on visual content and most pinners are subjective to their purchasing choices. As a result, the entire sales team vouched to make an ad tool that will be timed with special occasions like the Halloween or even the Valentine’s Day.
This digital marketing tool will work as a discover-based entity helping every user to scale and know the preferabiltiy of the subject they search for. Moreover, this particular marketing campaign is also targeted towards the emerging brands who will find new ideas to fuel their brand content.


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