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PR During an Economic Crisis

Is it possible to conduct PR these days in the usual ways? That is, can we do our jobs without incorporating the economic crisis in our pitches made to the media?

In some ways, it’s absolutely essential that we do our jobs as we always have, but if you see the stories printed in the newspapers these days, you would realize that most of the stories are in somewhere influenced by the current economic crisis either it comes naturally or being forced upon.

What’s important is to try and not become too distracted. While the
circumstances are completely different this time in our history reminds me a little of the days and weeks following 9/11. Again, the emotions are different, and seeing sensex go down is not the same as watching families and friends dissolve into complete and utter despair over lost lives.

I supposed it’s all about balance. The point is this: if you think there’s an opportunity to raise awareness by incorporating this financial mess into your pitches, then do it. But if it’s just extra and irrelevant to the story you’re trying to sell, well, your recipient is probably going to see right through it. Don’t waste people’s time by trying to leverage something that’s not related to the pitch.

That said; however, try really hard to see if any of your experts can offer their insights. The park is wide open on that one. Let’s say your client has been working with people in other countries in almost any capacity, you might be able to pitch him or her as someone who can comment on the impact the crisis has on businesses with offices overseas. The more we can do to help the public (consumer and trade) understand the ramifications of what’s happening, the better off we’ll all be. I know it sounds drastic, but if we can do our part to stave off a worldwide depression, well, that’s not a bad thing.


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