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PR News Honours 2018’s top women PRs at NYC’S Grand Hyatt

January 23rd, 2018 saw the grand celebration of top PR women organized by PR news at the Hyatt. These women have portrayed their strong personalities to work their way through the corporate maze. They indeed have made an impact on a thousand women’s lives.

It was an honourable luncheon that included some of the best women PR managers. They were rewarded owing to their impeccable communication skills. Melissa Bernstein, the co-founder of Melissa & Doud’s gave the keynote presentation stating “I have felt free to risk failures for quite some time now, my brand finally found its own voice”.

Such an inspirational speech catered to the domain of reputation management.  Moreover Melissa spoke about the importance of failure that every worker needs to know at least once in their lifetime.

At the lavish luncheon, the PR honourees inspired many with their accomplishments in their personal and professional lives. Adrienne Chance, director of corporate communications, Topgolf said, “you need to tap on every opportunity that comes your way to be successful.”

Furthermore, Megan Vega of KPMG Studios added, “your passion is what defines you. Turn your career into your passion and you will achieve more!” Reputation Management skills of every brand is interlinked with public relations for if you do not have the correct name then you don’t get your worth back!

The top awardees were Kristina Adamski, Vice President of corporate communications of Nissan North America and then it was Rachel Adler, the Business Development Officer of CooperKatz & Co. Both of them gave profound speeches on skill development and goal achievement. Additionally, the list included Keyana Corliss of Tableau, Bobby D’Arcy of Teradata Corporation and Jennifer “JJ” Davis of Dell and Monica Echeverria of World Wildlife Fund. They have achieved the C-suite level at their respective brands.

Angela Alfano was the guest co-presenter present at PR News’ editorial staff. The gala consisted of a wide range of organisations like Prudential, Accenture and Fed-Ex agencies like Ruder Finn and Ogilvy.

The winners were awarded based on their last 18 months’ communication campaigning strengths. Likewise, the positive impact protruded upon their peers and team was also featuring under the judgment criteria.   The event was indeed an act of saluting these bold personalities who have created an indelible benchmark.


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