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PR for a Technology Company

I have been working as a communicator in the IT industry for almost 9 years now, and have been following the technology space very closely. I work on an office floor that has about 400 or so engineers working on different technologies ranging from AI, data, analytics, mobile, mapping, e-commerce and many others. Building a differentiated technology brand is as big a challenge as they come. And it hasn’t gotten easier with digitization; there is just so much content that is created and pushed every single day. Regardless of how big a company’s pipeline, it is so important for technology companies to talk about their efforts in innovation and the domains they operate in, consistently. However, how do you differentiate, and build compelling narratives in this age of digital. My two cents.

Find your organization’s best stories

As the statement goes, great PR is about great stories. Stories that talk about curiosity and adaptability of the company, stories that showcase people behind the technology, stories that talk about people who care about the society they live and work in. To do that, communicators need to have a seat at the table alongside R&D to lead how information needs to go out to the world. Comb through your organization and look for those compelling ideas and programs that you can highlight. Show a glimpse of how your employees love working for your company, talk about your efforts in employee engagement.  Build your leadership communications strategy and thought leadership champions in technology, and give them a voice.

The Right Mix of Channel and Medium

It is very crucial to put the right content at the right place. Identify your target audience and set goals. Have the right mix of narrative and imagery. The output can then be brought to life in written, audio or video form or a mix of all three.

Build a reputation, not metrics

If there’s anything 2018 has taught us, it is that you need to view your social metrics with some amount of doubt. People always remember the values your brand stands for so work out campaigns that deliver on authenticity and builds relationships with audience, aside from pursuing just the metrics.

Kanika Arora leads communications for Pitney Bowes in India, and is responsible for public relations and brand strategy for the company.  Follow her on @kanikaarora05


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