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PR – The must have tool in your marketing toolkit

PR campaignWith the growing competition and development around the world, successfully building a company’s public awareness and establishing its credibility is a task that should involve every key member of management. Reputation management via public relations is the smartest tool that can be used to build rapport with employees, customers, investors, voters, shareholders or the general public. It needs to be emphasized right from the CEO to General Manager, Directors to Vice-President etc.

Public relations is utilized to build up good reputation among the public and it is used by the companies either it may be a conscious or unconscious effort, or it may be happening with or without any planning or management participation. If it’s allowed to happen on its own, it may take the form of negative attention, or simply no attention at all, which can lead the company to bad situation and can even hamper the brand image.

Now, taking an example of a company whose manager receives an emailed questionnaire from a senior journalist or editor of a key publication requesting information for an upcoming article that would include all the players in the company’s market segment. If the management’s is aware about the importance of media opportunity or public relations, there are chances that the editor gets the replies or else the opportunity will be lost. Someone will read the article and wonder why the company missed such opportunity. Neglect in the regular media activities can be disastrous and will limit the company’s ability to create demand for its products & services.

People have the mindset that public relations stands only for press release, so the media handlers are brought in at the last minute and the task is completed and sometimes public relations is misunderstood along with advertising, but PR is not a onetime activity, it is an ongoing continuous activity which requires advanced planning input from management being an essential part of a successful public relations program. PR isn’t nearly as effective when its tools are used only to react to events as or after they occur. Management must be willing to support and participate in planning & scheduling public relations actions

Establishing good personal contacts by managers at various levels is accomplished particularly in the specific sector by meeting with key market research analysts, publication editors, and other industry influencers at least annually. Major trade conferences can be a good opportunity. The rest of the year, constant communication can be done with the press by phone, by email, online media and even by personal letters.

If nothing else, being accessible to reporters, bloggers, writers, and research analysts tracking specific industry builds relationships, gets the company “on their radar,” and encourages them to contact you, rather than your competitors, for information when they’re writing about your market or product category. Consistently doing public relations activities can be an important competitive marketing edge.

Every day, hundreds of experts are quoted in the newspapers, on the radio, on news-oriented web sites and on television doing same kinds of activity through advertising will costs more as against that of public relations. Public Relations as a long-term effort starting with personal contact, public relations are more than proven as cost-effective. Good communication is the foundation of successful relationships, both personally and professionally.


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