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Preparing for our Next Tweetup #PR4PR


In the last twitter chat #PR2014 we had, many spoke about the dire need of PR for the PR industry itself and hence we thought of organizing our next twitter chat on the same topic with hashtag #PR4PR. But instead of simply chatting over twitter, was wondering if we can try to do something more substantial and decide on few things that we can actually execute to get some good PR for our industry?

As we all know for any campaign planning we need data that is backed by research, which guides on the direction and objectives of the campaign. If we consider this exercise as a collectively executed campaign, then let’s approach this in the manner we approach campaign planning for our clients.

To begin with we can do a small survey amongst our key constituents who contribute largely to whatever reputation/perception we have in the outside world. The three key constituents would be Media, CEOs and General Public.

I am planning to create three separate surveys for each category, request if you can get the same filled, we can have some basis to discuss on our next Tweetup scheduled on Saturday, 25th January, 2014 between 4pm to 6pm.

1)      Media Survey: We will send this questionnaire to as many as media persons as possible. Whoever wants to help can come forward and let us know a particular section of media (beat) along with city, they will share the questionnaire with, so that they can focus on that particular beat only to avoid duplication or spamming.

2)      CEO Survey: Try and get this answered from the CEO only and not by the corp comm as mostly it is observed that CEOs have a completely different perspective than the Department heads or corp comm managers.

3)      General Public: Share this questionnaire with someone totally unconnected with our profession. Should not be our relative or should not be working in any departments related to marketing. Through this we will get to know what general public understand or how much they know about our profession.

Personally I don’t have the bandwidth to execute these surveys on my own, but if all of you contribute and come ahead for the love of your profession we can get a good outside-in overview about the profession we are trying to master. If many of us contribute then we will have extra value to add to the tweetup and can be possible that we actually plan a campaign in the two hour tweetup session.

So start suggesting what we should ask in the survey questionnaire, we should only ask maximum 5 multiple choice or ranking based or true/false type questions, so that it wouldn’t even take 3 minutes to submit using an online survey tool.


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