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Re-introducing Vikypedia.in

Hi, hope you are doing well, as a fellow communicator, I am here to ask you for your help to rebuild and reposition India’s oldest PR blog. I started Vikypedia.in and Indian PR Forum (IPRF), India’s oldest and largest online network of public relations practitioners, in 2007. While Indian PR Forum, grew across all social media platforms starting from Google Groups to Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Group to Whatsapp Groups, and now even on Telegram, Vikypedia.in slowed down. Honestly, because I could not dedicate enough time to generate content or write as often as I use to in its initial years. The blog is still surviving but needs a booster.

I have realized that IPRF grew not because I did anything, It grew because its genesis was in crowd-sourcing and community contribution. I wish the same can be adopted for Vikypedia as well. In its new avatar, Vikypedia.in has not only PR related information but includes resources linked to digital marketing, media and overall marketing as well. I am seeking your help in building this portal into a larger marketing knowledge repository. The portal and IPRF both are completely non-profit, we do not earn any advertising revenues from the initiatives. We only seek to enhance knowledge of our community through collaboration and co-creation. Right now it may not be the best but has the potential if you contribute and help us make it the best resource on marketing. Everyone can be part of this – junior most executive to a CEO, it’s your portal and we need help of everyone to be able to do this

You can help us in 10 different ways?

  1. Share articles written by you on various aspects on marketing, PR, digital etc., focusing on educating the audience and not promotional in anyway
  2. Let Vikypedia.in interview you and discuss your work and how you do things differently. You can recommend questions that will help make the interview more informative and worth sharing
  3. Pick a topic and write an industry story by taking comments from other industry peers
  4. Get us interview of your bosses (Agency heads, CEOs, Marketing Heads etc.) – if you get us completely edited pieces, it will be easier and faster for us to distribute.
  5. Write a book review
  6. Share a case study that we can publish here
  7. Share study/survey reports that you have created
  8. Share industry movements / media movements
  9. Create your own videos on multiple marketing/PR related topics
  10. Share new account wins, new announcement from your firms

What’s in it for you?

Content that you share for Vikypedia.in gets further distributed on following social media platforms, building your profile and personal brand

PlatformAccountsTotal Reach
LinkedInVikram Kharvi’s personal profile21000
LinkedInVikypedia PageNew
LinkedInVikypedia Group480
LinkedInIndian PR Forum Group4681
LinkedInMarketing  Innovations in India927
LinkedInB2B Communications – India718
FacebookVikypedia Page887
FacebookIndian PR Forum Page1007
FacebookIndian PR Forum Group18304
WhatsAppIndian PR Forum Groups2500
TelegramIndian PR Forum Group250
Google GroupIndian PR Forum2758
SlideshareVikram Kharvi464

Even if you remove duplications, every post of yours has potential to reach atleast 25000 peers of your own industry. We can only grow from here together, if you help me with content, I will ensure the distribution of your content is super impactful. Then let’s get started…

Write to me – vikypedia.in@gmail.com or WhatsApp 9930143550


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