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Research Paper on Entry-Level Indian PR Practitioners’ Writing Skills

A Descriptive Study on Entry-Level Indian PR Practitioners’ Writing Skills with regards to evolving New Media Space


The objective of this descriptive study was to determine the level of writing proficiency public relations practitioners are equipped with to meet the requirements put forward by the ever evolving new media space. The study has also attempted to identify the perceptions of academicians from leading communications institutes/colleges on the writing abilities of communications students and the changes made by them to adapt the writing skills required by the new media. This study, combining survey results of senior practitioners of India’s largest public relations consultancy and academicians teaching communications across the country, confirms the significant dissatisfaction amongst the senior practitioners with the quality of writing amongst entry-level PR practitioners. Majority of educators who participated in the email based qualitative survey, reported that writing abilities in public relations students are of grave concern and that most students entering the programs lack basic writing abilities, leave aside their writing abilities for new media. Hence, all participants reported the need for new curriculum developments in response to new media as communication tools. The study is based on a qualitative email survey collected by 14 senior practitioners and equal number of academicians. The study also highlights the need for increased attention to technical training required to develop the writing skills for future PR practitioners, and creates an opportunity for an on-going study to track writing skills of entry-level PR practitioners in India over time.

Research Paper on writing skills of PR Professionals (click to Download)


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