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Russia Threatens to Bid Goodbye to Facebook in 2018

Facebook was able to make 14.4 million Russians happy with its social media management; however, the watchdog Alexander Zharov threats to block the site in 2018’s election. The Chief of Federal Communications Agency Roskomnadzor stated this by ‘following the rule’ of storing data of Russian citizens locally in Russia.

News agencies recorded this statement on Tuesday where he mentioned, “Facebook has to comply with the law that started in 2015 in which foreign countries must save all the personal data of the Russians only in Russia…..

We will make sure to get Facebook work according to this law, and it will happen by 2018.”

This law of storing all the personal data of Russians was made by President Vladimir Putin in 2014, and it came to act in 2015 September. This threat to ban Facebook can be equally serious just like the action Russia took against LinkedIn.

For now, the Chief did not say anything about investigating Facebook in 2017. In case if they are not following the rules appropriately, then in 2018, an investigating action might be taken against Facebook.

When it came to a large number of Facebook users, Alexander Zharov further said, “There is not only one Social media site to increase media relations, there are several other platforms to use.”

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of Kremlin, said, “There is legislation for all, and all must follow it.”

This threat was made to Facebook within a week after Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement to share advertisement linked to Russia. More than 3000 ads were linked with Russian companies on Facebook which might have influenced the 2016 Presidential election in the US.

The cause of this doubt is worth of $100,000 investment made by Russia in buying the social and political advertisements. This purchase was traced to the infamous Troll Factory in St. Petersburg.

Upon this, the Russians authority has entirely denied any involvement in this matter. Dmitry Peskov further added, “Facebook is entirely a commercial enterprise for Social media management earning money from Russia. Hence, they must ensure to follow these rules made by us.”

The same threat was sent to Twitter by Russia. Zharov informed the media on this matter and said that Roskomnadzor received a letter from Twitter. “Twitter has agreed to comply with the law and start storing the data locally from the beginning of 2018.”

On the matter of following rules, Facebook and Twitter both have not commented on this issue yet.

Interestingly, Russia came up with this law implication just a day after China banned WhatsApp. On the matter of following rules,


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