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Snapchat redefines social media management with the new 2018 edition

Feb first week, 2018 saw Snapchat releasing its statement upon its upcoming edition. Their 2018 redesign has been planned with a twist in the tale. Snapchat will now separate the “social” from the “media”, a new social media management strategy. That is, instead of a conglomerated content stream, platform will now make all Snap users see a content streams separated between the right and left swipes.

This implicates a whole new angle of social media management as the entire team will be focusing on including ‘verified influencers’ in the marketing domain.

“We want to send a clear message to every brands that they will no longer be able to easily tap into the massive reach which they have been enjoying so far,” said Snapchat’s marketing Head last week.

With new marketing strategy trends, Snapchat is all set to implicate changes for upcoming brands on their platform. Separating the ‘social’ from ‘media’ will ensure that the brands pay for their content from now on.

The left side of the page layout will show content from the ‘good friends’ and brands or people will follow users back while the right side will have the Discover option where content from brands, and creators will be focused on. This will include verified influencers and add new strategies to brand distribution as an essential part of marketing strategy.

This has been Snapchat’s most drastic shift in design since 2011 improving the platform’s aims to rejuvenate it for both advertisers and users. Their now revised social media strategy will incur added ad revenue as they experienced low earnings last year.

Community management became more significant now for every brand marketer as the decision will enable brands to make an effort to follow fans back. The hashtag #followback will be of prime importance for business brands now as it will be mandatory for them to look at their management strategies deciding in the process the ways to engage more fans to move forward than other contenders.

Influencers will be now incentivized into posting content on Snapchat through the Discover section. Further, they will be provided ways to monetize their content,” said the director of communications.

Snapchat now prioritizes big name talent for creating more content enhancing user growth. Brands will be going to look more closely at their one-to-one approach as they no longer can afford advertisements at the ‘always on’ level now. The new edition of Snapchat will embark upon a social media management strategy where influencers will add more value-added contents creating wide user growth.



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