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Is your social media account good enough for Public Relations?

Everyone who is planning to progress in his/her business, be it online or brick and mortar, is trying to build progressive public relations! However, the question is – How successful are they? You will often notice some social media accounts getting hype very easily; whereas some take a lot of time in building up a reputation among the readers or followers.

Why does this happen?

It is a very big question in everyone’s mind. To satisfy this ‘why,’ there are certain things one needs to know about handling and posting on their social media account.

All work and no play make your account a dull place.’

44% of the people on their social media accounts keep on posting about their services or products. That’s called overdoing! After a while, people will stop reading and just move on. So, what you need is some excitement in your account.

How about videos? Or meme? This works really well, especially if there is a quirky cat or a cute doggy! So, keep posting some humour and make it more attractive for people!

‘More than 3 make it a crowd!’

Too many posts = too many notifications on the wall of the followers. If they get to see you all the time, won’t that be boring?

According to a social media survey, 1 follower will only like 4 posts out of 10 and share only 3 out of 10 posts daily from business sites.

This means, if you post too many every week, there is a fair enough chance that half of your posts won’t get many likes.

As per Social Media analysts, 3 posts per week in each of the social media account are enough for a progressive online PR. So, keep it till that!

‘Communication is the key to success.’

Isn’t it true? Of course, it is! Be prompt to respond and never make your readers wait; that’s sort of a crime. Reply to every query, thank people for any appreciation and delete any negative comment (why create a bad impression?) on your social media posts.

So, what should be the perfect reply?

Sometimes, out of excitement or nervousness, people tend to freak out, and this happens to the most of us. Don’t worry if you are not able to figure out what you should reply; here is a quick solution –

For queries – answer to the point.

If someone appreciates – appreciate back.

In case someone is not happy with the service – apologize and fix the issue first as well as fast!

‘You will be good to go!’

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