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Social Media is anyone’s cup of tea

At a time when everyone has started claiming to be a social media strategist (including me), HT Mint has come up with an excellent article saying (http://www.livemint.com/2010/10/12212713/Social-Smarts.html) , forget these so called strategist simply understand what others have done in the same scenario and try to replicate to your situation.  Which is so true, social media is no rocket science; anyone with a basic IQ can do wonders. The only thing what we need to come out of is “Not my cup of tea” attitude.

Recently I had an opportunity to take a session on social media for the students of Xavier’s institute of Communications, Mumbai. I had gone well prepared with my power-point slides on what all can be discussed with social media etc. At the start of a session, I tried to understand from the class on what is their understanding on social media. What I discovered was that, every student had a fair understanding of almost all important tools that are more prevalent in India. They knew how to use facebook causes, how to make blogs, how to make groups, forums etc., which is quite expected from today’s generation as they are growing with social media. My task had become much simpler than what I had envisioned, the only thing I had to do is to solve some of their queries they had encountered while experimenting with some of the tools, some case studies and I was done with, and everybody seemed to be happy to have learned from the group learning experience.

The point I am trying to make is, today we all know what social media is and how to use different options offered by various platforms. What needs to be learnt is the creative use of these options into a sustained campaign. And what if someone thinks they are not creative enough to come out with a good creative idea to drive the social media campaign? The answer is very simple, COPY!!! Yes copy some of the visible strategies used by various brands to promote their products or services. The internet is full of such case studies on what, which brand did on social media to reach out to their target audience. Go and search. In today’s world where Google is next to God, there is nothing that you cannot find the net. Only if we have the attitude that even I can do it!!!

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