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Instagram’s ‘comment thread’ vouches for an increase in social media rank and revenue!

Instagram started its social media journey as a photo-sharing app in October 2010 with the title of the ‘best mobile app award’ by TechCrunch Crunchies within months.

Instagram bagged an award soon after entering the social media league although the percentage of users was no match for Facebook, which has around 1.3 billion of daily active users. To stay in pace with others, Instagram has recently launched support for comment thread to progress the popularity ladder.

The marketing team at Instagram said,

“Introduction of comment threads will help to keep track of conversations in the comment box and make the app a better platform for sharing common interests.”

This feature was incorporated in Facebook long back which partially accounts for its increasing attractiveness. Instagram too is trying to get its lion share in user friendliness. In this context, it can be mentioned that in four months, from December 2016 to April 2017, Instagram users have increased by 100 million and is presently somewhere around 700 million. That is a great leap, but the new augmentation is expected to bring this photo-sharing-app-turned-social-networking-forum popularity and usage close to that of Facebook.

Going by its growth statistics, Instagram has the scale to appeal to top brands with increasing user base. Presently, the app has over one million active advertisers that have increased from 5,00,000 in September 2016. This number is still to grow with their latest addition. Experts forecast that Instagram is going to make a killing revenue generation with its improving digital marketing techniques.

In 2012, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom had confessed that the app had run a loss of 2.7 million USD. Exciting and astounding enough, the same company earned 3.2 billion USD in global revenues and ranked the second highest after Facebook’s 27 billion USD. It is expected to go up the graph after the introduction of the new comment thread feature.

Additionally, Instagram has also incorporated filter scanning for spams that will encourage more users to register with the app. The percentage of Instagram users among all social networking sites is 39%. But with the implementation of these promising features (which will apparently undergo improvement over the time) has the potential of drawing more users.

In the coming years, it would not be surprising to see Instagram at the top of social media forums. It is now only a matter of time to see how Instagram portions out Facebook’s share of the public vote.



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