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Social Media Platforms Are Emerging To Be the Linchpin of Public Relations

9th September, 2017: In her latest column, Michelle Held pens down social media as an intricate public relations tool in earning successful local listings.  In a brief yet informative journal of this Entrepreneur Network partner, identification of venture potential stands out as the prime topic of discussion.

She initiates her conversation by asking business owners to identify the USP of  their service. Michelle Held, in her exact words questioned,

Why will customers yearn to avail your service over others? What makes your venture stand out from the rest? Your marketing skills will adversely affect your venture’s sales.”

Backing this point, a leading magazine of the segment drew a few statistical figures embellishing the impact of SMM on annual turnovers. As per the figures, 76% of start-ups who indulged in PR through optimal social media marketing saw an average of 21% rise in annual turnovers.

A deeper & intricate study revealed Facebook and Linked In as two highly effective tools of an effective PR strategy using social media platforms. Sharing latest company updates, offers and news were highlighted as impactful ways to connect with one’s Facebook audience.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, receives its platform importance through the sharing of company blogs and latest news updates. While the importance of LinkedIn on a corporate level is witnessing a steep rise with every passing day, PR professionals are laying more stress to harness this invaluable platform.

Drawing strategic significance into her column, Michelle asks companies to make their customers aware of new event updates. Inclusion of videos and photos in these posts are receiving commendable response from a company’s loyal customer base.

“We saw a significant rise in the count of our potential customers; from the day we have opted to improve our public relations through social media platforms. We are glad to have taken this decision.” – speaks a high-placed official of a reputed MNC.

In this respect, a number of trusted sources also back the effectiveness of social media platforms through few more stats and figures. These sources have revealed Facebook to witness a billion log in daily and Twitter is already overwhelmed the 250 MAU mark this July.

These factors further support Michelle Held’s studies and directions. An increasing number of ventures are therefore seeing their way to social media platforms as an effort to enhance their public relations. With a steep growth in the number of users, SMM is emerging as a leading tool for a venture’s success.


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