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Social media practices witness mixed reactions from public relations personnel

A recently conducted survey reveals that in the last ten years, the consistent rise of Web and emerging social media trends have drastically changed the role of Public Relations. This field has massively grown from a single publicist profession to a whole new PR firm. Simultaneously, social media has also witnessed a rapid boom as it connects to every individual directly without any middle men.  The study suggests that the world of media has been reinvented in this era as there is no longer growing demand for B2B or B2C approach.

The survey also states that many PR professionals believe the mounting focus on digitization and increase in smartphone usage has resulted in declining the supremacy of PR tools.

“With the growing trends, one shouldn’t oversee the traditional power of PR tools like smartphone, radio, and print,” commented a seasoned publicist.

One of the experts of Public Relations considers that social media does not have the creative freedom to reach its defined target audience. However, she also marks upon different social media strategies that help an efficient PR to reach his or her desired goals.

The posts on social media possibly create a certain dialogue among its users, but if you wish to reach out to everyone, even to those who aren’t on the internet, strategies of PR is a must,” she said.

Another resource person from a reputed PR firm also supports the notion of necessity PR practices. He said that there is always restricted content to share on social media posts. A perfect PR strategy is required to become popular and cultivate among the masses.

However, other PR officials strongly adhere to a strong symbiotic relationship between social media and PR tools. They believe in using social media as an effective Online PR tool to reach out to its publics.

As revealed by sources, most of the Online PR firms are putting a significant emphasis on digital marketing strategies to boost up a brand’s business. The customary tools of PR are not effective in the current marketplace.

Both businesses go simultaneously, and the integration is unavoidable in today’s generation,” commented a PR executive.

Statistics prove that the measure of engagement on social media with Public Relations tools highly quantifies any strategy. The media approach is instantly changing to B2P, with P being the public.



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