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Strategize social marketing like never before with Twitter’s all-new promote mode

Have you been struggling to build an audience for your nascent business? Have you been tweeting away trying to catch eyeballs – but to no real avail?

Well, Twitter has a nice little surprise in store for you.

The company recently launched its all-new promote mode in public beta testing. Advertising and social marketing for your company are now practically as easy as getting a Netflix subscription. All you need to do is pay Twitter a monthly rental of $99.

It is a move targeted towards small and midsized companies starting out with a following of less than 2000 to 4000.

The subscription automatically promotes tweets and customises it to reach the targeted audience. According to Twitter, businesses which have subscribed to the service are already hitting up an additional 30,000 more individuals every month than what they would’ve done otherwise.

Do you have the Twitter app installed on your phone?

So, once you sign up for the subscription, Twitter will provide you with all the data and analytics for the promoted tweets. This will give you an idea of how much tangible difference the feature is making in terms of customer acquisition.

The whole social marketing game is very different today compared to what it used to be. It’s all about identifying your potential target customers and specifically adverting to them – and that’s what Twitter is trying to achieve here.

The promoted tweets will appear in front of users who do not yet follow the business handle. However, it becomes your responsibility to frame these tweets in a way that it catches the reader’s eye.

Some companies also tend to hire professional writing services to come with SEO-friendly catchy tweets and help with the company’s marketing communications.

Twitter today is a great platform for connecting with and advertising to your potential customers. It is at the heart of the global marketing machinery that allows you to spread the USP of your business far and wide.

Now, with the addition of this promotional mode, it is sure to add impetus to plenty of start-ups around the world. Are you prepared to reap the maximum benefits from it?


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