Home Marketing Swiggy uses digital payments for its delivery troupe as digital marketing way!

Swiggy uses digital payments for its delivery troupe as digital marketing way!

The online food ordering come delivering company, Swiggy announced about its decision to implement privately-run ICICI Bank’s transaction gateway as its delivery teams’ digital payment facility.  Swiggy’s digital marketing endeavor declared this Monday immediately caught everyone’s attention as company stated,

Our delivery fleet will have a less hassled way of transferring funds through the usage of Unified Payment Interface based solution. It will prove helpful for instant funds transfer and automated cash deposit machines at various ICICI branches and ATM’s spread across the country.”

The brand operates with a delivery fleet of more than 20,000 people who cover about 25,000 restaurants across 12 Indian cities. So far the cash on delivery method had been used widely but with the incorporation of digital payments, delivery boys will be able to quickly transfer funds to the company saving a lot of time.

Brands now aiming to magnify their digital marketing strategies, Swiggy’s digital payment method will resist any kind of cash leakage.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), of Swiggy, defines this measure as a step towards enhancing the company’s reputation management department as –

The delivery team forms the backbone for our organisation and we intend to keep them happy. Adopting the digital payment solution will increase the ease of delivery operations saving time and energy. Moreover, traversing thousands of kilometers will be spared.

Swiggy, started in 2014 turned out as one of the most successful startups in India owing to its digital marketing strategy.  Based in Bangalore, it now connects local restaurants to urban food lovers across major metropolitan cities like, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, etc.

With its motto to “change the way India eats”, Swiggy seeks a rejuvenation when it comes to its reputation management. Gaining tremendous momentum in last 2 years, the online startup aims to make life easier and better for its delivery personnel.


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