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Take a Leap from just being to ‘Being Positive’

positive-attitudeHope you had an opportunity to read my last week’s post on ‘Celebrating Happiness’, which talks about how you can celebrate happiness even in the gloomiest situations. Our jobs particularly have all the reasons to make the sanest person pessimist but still you will find people around you who are always brimming with fullness, they are eternally happy; positive and charged. They are the high performers, clients love them, bosses can’t do without them and success is always under their feet. They are the ones who are sometimes called turnaround specialists (they readily accept the most horrible client and make them eat out of their hands); face the crisis head-on and clients insist to have them around in bad times; they win all competitive new business pitches and take home great increments as well.

Then on the other hand we have people who do all the above tasks but with a big BUT in everything they do. We all know people like this: bored and frustrated in every job they do, they see all good, bad and sad clients equally; they are always confused about the dark tunnel their career has fallen into; ready to share about sharing their bitterness with whomever they meet and play the part of a perfect victim.

According to Marshall Goldsmith, author of Mojo, the difference between these two personalities are quite stark and easy to recognize as described below:

Missionaries of positivity

Energy suckers

Take responsibilityPlay the victim
Move forwardMarch in place
Run the extra mileSatisfied with the bare minimum
Love doing itFeel obligated to do it
Appreciate opportunitiesTolerate requirements
Make the best of itEndure it
InspirationalPainful to be around
Zest for lifeZombie-like

But can you never change? You can only if you practice to bring your happiness back again and again consistently. The mental happiness has a direct correlation on your state of mind as well, it impacts positivity quotient. You cannot have a positive mindset towards any job if you are not happy. Research points out to the fact that happiness comes 90 % from within and only 10% by external things (partner, money, career etc.) If you are able to organize your life wisely; be centered by inner happiness and health, you can not only be happy and positive but also successful. Bring around some very small changes to begin with and the rest will fall in place on its own.

Here are 10 tips to live your life positively:

1) Be Proactive: Happy people have positive goals, tasks and are always proactive; making them 15% more satisfied with their lives compared to more passive people. Happiness researcher Ed Diener explains, “Happy people set goals for themselves again and again.” Be clear what you want to achieve and stay focused. Be proactive, don’t wait for the client to tell you what needs to be done, think how you can add value to his business.

2) Be Human: Kind hearted and compassionate people are 25% happier than those who only live for themselves. John A. Schindler wrote, “Live as a giving person. Those who give are happier than those who only take.” Be nice to your team mates, your bosses and even your clients. Train and mentor your subordinates, give them something that they will always remember you, for their rest of their lives. Facilitate joy in people around you, those who put little elements of joy in their lives can raise their overall happiness by 20%.

3) Think positive: Those who think positively double their chance to realize happiness. There is always a solution to every problem. Accept the problem, isolate and think how you can change it into an opportunity.

4) Foster friendships: Build on your positive circle of friends. Stop bitching; this is our industry’s biggest epidemic. What you say about others comes back to you someday. People who have more friends who are positively charged are rarely unhappy. Go talk to the strangers who have been around you in the same office but you never bother to even smile when they pass.

5) Have a sense of humor: Those with a good sense of humor raise their positivity by 33%. We should foster our sense of humor and learn to not take things so seriously. We should learn to laugh at ourselves. Those who are able to do so can live lighter and brighter. It is good to see cheerful films, read funny books, and to visit joyful people.

6) Have self-confidence: Happy people believe in themselves. They believe in their goals, their wisdom and their power. They see themselves as winners. They believe they will prevail in the long term.

7) Take care of your health: Regular physical activity keeps the body healthy and makes the spirit happy. Daily walks raise the level of happiness 12%. Scientific research shows that relaxed people think more positively and are happier.

8) Watch only a little TV: Scientific research states, every hour of television lowers the general quality of life by 5%. When home switch off that idiot box and spend some time with your loved ones, if alone then spend some time with good books.

9) Isolate: Take some quite time out for yourself without your smartphones atleast for 15 minutes a day and simply think. Think what drives you, what motivates you, how you can do better etc., this simple thinking unknowingly will start adding strength to your personality and you will start doing each task with more focus and dedication.

10) Clear the clutter: Live in a clutter free environment, just glance over your desk and you will know what i mean. More the clutter on your desk, more blurred will be your thoughts. Work and live in a clutter free environment, be it your home of office. Remove the trash, unwanted papers and discard it. Something that you haven’t used for a month may not be usable anytime in future as well.

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