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Termination of Contracts

There are occasions when our relationship with the clients as their consultants comes to an end. There can be many reasons for the same, performance, new management, client looking for fresh ideas, etc., I would like to know from all you PR Pros is how to handle such situations with the media, specially when the retainership ends because the clients decides on a budget cut, and we have to part ways as friends.

The client request requests the agency not to mention the real reasons of termination of contract to the media, as they don’t want media to come up with the conclusion that the company is going through bad times (which might be the truth). But I am sure that the question will come up, as journalists come up with their requests for an interaction with the client, and you have to tell them that you are no longer representing them.

You as an agency also need to make sure that media do not view it as a performance issue on your part. In such situation how will you convey the politically correct, diplomatic answer without hurting the client? While they are without PR help at that point of time.


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