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The PR Must Watch List !

Yes ! Television can be mindless sometimes… but it also has some awesome stuff to watch if we know what to filter out and what to focus on. I would like to share the top TV shows that are a must watch for every PR professional ! Here are my top five favorites that can teach you a thing or two about how things could function in your team!

A Gritty PR Must Watch !

  • Madam Secretary – This tops my list ! Right from leveraging media at just the right moments, the Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord ensures she works the media to her advantage while navigating the corridors of internal politics to team retention and loyalty and yes world politics too … this show has it all ! I love the way her team of media experts – all with unique skill sets , keep her prepared all the time from analyzing situations from trivial to global crisis and prepare and handle press statements  and press briefings while ensuring they balance egos of political giants across the world with tact and diplomacy and also imbibe a sense of patriotism and strong leadership in the statements – all this while convincing her a stylist is also good for her image ! The skills a PR professional can learn from this are invaluable!

Client Management At It’s Best !

  • Suits – Want to learn more about client management? Then this is the show for you! Managing your integrity and credibility while getting the job done to the client’s satisfaction is what I learnt from this show. While Jessica Pearson and Harvey Specter war it out , usually with the same intention, Mike Ross finds the middle path and Louis Littgoes on the war path while Donna Paulsen smoothens things over . It takes one of every kind to make a winning team. Put together they make their unique leadership and working styles work extremely well to get the client the prize!

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The Interplay of PR & Management !

  • Babylon – The British comedy-drama television series co-created by Danny Boyle gives you an insight into the world of PR & client politics and how things run – for real! A super fun take that a lot of PR professionals would identify with. The series follows new Director of Communications Liz Garvey and her dealings with the Police Commissioner and her conflicts with her department and legal bureaucracy. Following protocols while trying to set new ground rules and opening up the team to new possibilities against the backdrop of constant backlash of information surrounding every day police work…is a heady mix! A crisis communication case set up at every point yet managed beautifully by the lead character…with a lot of fun moments! Sometimes things just fall into place…despite everything … and all you have to do is pop open the champagne and forget the flaws!

Media & Politics & Law ! A Spicy Combination !

  • Boston Legal – High profile law cases attract a lot of media… and it is a PR guys nightmare if the lead suspect wants to talk to the media all the time! If not managed well it can make for a lot of reputation loss along with serious repercussions on the ruling. Danny Crane and Alan Shore use the media to their advantage and act as their own and the firm’s unofficial PR ambassadors! Shirley Smith keeps the peace and is the voice of sanity…most of the times! Hidden behind the buffoonery in court and loud guffaws at their antics are razor sharp minds leveraging the media attached to each case to their advantage. Handling media in such cases is crucial and they show you how with witty statements and earnest appeals can change a perception.

Crisis Management Makes A Gripping Watch !

  • Scandal – Sometimes the best news is no news at all ! Crisis management is a key function of every PR professional. One has to be part lawyer, part investigator, part analysis and yes a media expert too to handle and beat a crisis! This show follows Olivia Pope, a former media consultant to the president who opens her own crisis-management firm and sorts the most difficult and tricky cases. She places a lot of value on intention and research while ensuring her credibility is maintained at an all-time high with all the right people ! The tact, research, analysis and strong leadership style makes it a winning show on my list. I just love the way ‘It’s handled!’

Which are your #PR favorites ?


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