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Why do you think 2018 for digital marketing is more of measurability campaigns?

Heard of the phrase “wasteful marketing”?

Yeah! That’s a new buzzword circling the digital marketing hub recently! Marketers of today are strong believers of the fact that about 30% of marketing budgets is going down the drains owing to abrupt media channel choosing poor strategic plans and of course, fraudulent cases!

It is the digital advertisement waste to term it precisely! And to remedy this, one needs to have a solid plan where one can identify and reduce any such cases of wasteful spend in marketing.

Come to think about it, marketing budgets are getting steamrolled under more and more hyper-active fast paced competitive world. And perhaps that is why a dire need to rule out any wasteful spending becomes the need of the hour!

What do you do? How can you make the digital marketing less wasteful dear fellah?

  1. Successful metric measure

Marketing, to put it with sophistication, is a “scientific art”. Precise measurement becomes a priority for every 21st century marketer, be it on the digital media or other. That kind of technology, being available thanks to the Google Analytics, you can easily check out your traffic and all.

  1. Digital display banner for your brand

The CTR or Click through Rate is the go-to option to resist wasting of revenue for any digital marketing brand in 2018. But, if you keep looking only at the figure, you have only half painted the picture. Determine your advertising campaigns with surety in 2018, as in where you know what is causing all the money wasting drama! Measure your brand upliftment collection on the digital world and see how you are fairing currently. Your brand’s display banner will do the talking, so curb your budget on over-dramatic branding.

You know, measurability campaigns for marketing have changed their course and no stands on the ground where accuracy and definite calculation become your one and only option. While many are wasting away on fraud ads and follower mania, get your marketing games accurate with the correct measurement planning!


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