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TRANSFORM or PERISH – State of Regional PR professionals

A PRact Survey

With the regional media ruling the roost, has their importance in PR terms gone up?

Is regional PR/communication transforming?

PRact – a joint knowledge platform of PRCI and IPRF – has initiated a survey to read the pulse of the profession.

We request you all – the corpcom professionals, agencies and regional consultants –to send in your thoughts in about 200 words on how PR practitioners are looking at regional PR as a tool to meet their client/company communication needs.

Please address these questions:

  • Does regional PR come as a one-off opportunity?
  • Do our clients/companies recognize the importance of regional media – not only in metros but in tier-II and III cities and towns?
  • Do we take the help of regional PR agencies – if yes how often?
  • Are regional PR agencies able to cope up with the communication challenges thrown at them by big city counterparts?
  • From the regional PR agency perspective, have you been seeing growth in your businesses? – by what percentage of CAGR? (A rough number will do. You don’t have to share financial details).
  • Which are the typical cities that Big city PR practitioners visit with their regional requirements?

Please rush your thoughts to mailbnk@gmail.com  by January 31, 2018 with the subject: Regional PR Survey 2018.

We will make a comprehensive report and release it across.

This is part of the professional interest campaign for the 12th Global Communication Conclave that PRCI is holding at Pune on March 9 and 10.


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