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The ‘S**t-Hole Countries’ Comment: Does Trump Even Care about PR Anymore?

In a recent meeting with US legislators, President Donald Trump remarked why his nation should support immigration from ‘shithole’ countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and other African nations. He went on to add that the US should be letting in more people from countries like Norway. With comments like this, it can be quite safely assumed that President Donald Trump doesn’t really care about his PR.

The President made the comment to answer Senator Durbin’s proposal of holding visa lotteries to address the immigration problem. Most of the countries which Trump calls ‘shithole’ are either going through natural calamities or civil instabilities, and could really use the help.

While to the naked eye, it might seem to be a bad public relations move on the part of the US leader, a deeper insight might reveal otherwise. Even when most of the world thinks it irresponsible of a world leader to comment this way, Trump rode to power because of such rhetoric.

From building a wall on USA’s Mexican border to addressing distressed nations this way, it is probably his best PR strategy to appease his radical vote bank.

When analyzed on the lines of ‘Make America Great Again’, Trump hasn’t done much reform other than the tax reduction bill towards the end of last year. He has also touched the very bottom of approval ratings amongst US presidents with his latest being 37%.

Yet, his tenure moves on while latent white supremacist activities can be seen on the rise. Many experts suggest that last year’s Charlottesville violence could be a by-product of the Trump factor. In fact, popular US states like California and New Jersey have also seen more Ku Klux Clan activity which could be a pressing concern for the nation’s pro-diversity population.

For Trump however, his public relations doesn’t seem to have been affected at all by such comments. He still scores the same approval ratings in spite of such hate and irresponsibility. It is a clear exhibition as to why he might not care about a certain section of the American population hating on him. The public opinion simply doesn’t affect his popularity and he has more to gain than to lose.


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