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Tumblr becomes the latest digital marketing channel for brands everywhere

Companies looking for new scopes to expand their reach on social media are now opting for Tumblr as their next, ideal digital marketing tool. Latest statistics show that since April 2017, this platform boasts of a 550 million user count till date.

Tumblr shows the capability to improve a brand’s image in the virtual world if properly monetized. It also ensures a handsome revenue gain when a brand invests on this platform with time and capital,” said a social media management expert.

The reason this platform can perform well, comes from the fact that Tumblr allows diverse natured contents to get posted. The site works with a motto of encouraging users to share literally anything.

Creating a strong brand image in the virtual world asks them to bond on a personal level with a brand’s target audience. Tumblr poses as an ideal platform for brand recognition helping each brand acquire a unique and positive ‘online’ image.

Here, you can craft innovative contents for your brand. The contents, however, should resonate with your followers as this will result in a healthy lead generation for future,” said a renowned brand executive.  

The shoemaker Vans recently generated a massive niche on Tumblr by posting relatable and eye-catching posts. Many other niche brands like them are also posting aesthetically pleasing contents to gain strong follower count.

About two-thirds of users on Tumblr consist of Millennial, meaning brands cannot rely on SEO analytics and keywords alone. A resonating digital marketing strategy on this site asks brands to design appealing products and services which will immediately hook their customers.

According to the creative design professional of the site, “Tumblr acts as the outlier for niche businesses. Though it has been there for many years, people still need to understand its uses as a social media management tool.

Crafting posts that are more like micro-blogs containing conversational tones added with quirky images, audio links and photos are said to enhance a brand’s presence on the platform.  Enabling a viable customer base on this digital marketing channel has evolved as the new “in” for niches all over the globe.


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