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Twitter’s new digital marketing initiative shuts down locked & suspended accounts

Social media giant, Twitter has recently started to remove all of its locked accounts from follower counts. This company states how this will initiate a change in a person’s follower numbers where users having a massive follower count will witness a substantial drop in their follower count.

This is a part of Twitter’s digital marketing mission where it currently is working on enhancing the platforms’ “health”. The organisation is presently eliminating every locked account from follower counts throughout the world, this week.

Our current policy locks an account the moment it detects any kind of unusual behaviour on it. This includes; tweeting a huge number of unsolicited replies, mentions sharing irrelevant links or an account getting blocked by multiple users” stated the head of marketing.

The owner of a locked account has to validate it by resetting its password.  If an account owner does not confirm the account then they will no longer be able to log in. These accounts which the company is removing in this week will be eradicated from the follower counts.

Brands and celebrities who have a large follower base will experience huge follower drops. We know that this may be a bit of a blow for some, but accuracy and transparency come first for Twitter. Our trusted service for public conversation is what makes us a stand out” commented Vijaya Gadde on his Twitter blog.

Their latest digital marketing is an effort as seen by marketing experts from all over the world. This will be not only applicable for follower numbers but also other aspects like Tweets, Retweets and not mention, likes.

It is a certain update that remains focused on followers for the only reason that it is the most evident feature on the social media’s service. Moreover, it is also associated with an account’s credibility.

This initiative from the media platform serves a purpose of promoting healthy interactions on the network. It also comprises the potential to influence the publicly stated metrics.


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