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Twitter’s “Trending” offers businesses with real-time client sentiment insight

Launched back in 2013, the “Trending” feature of Twitter is businesses to use it as a powerful digital marketing tool. The algorithm that the company uses labels a search as trending when it receives high volume in a shorter span.

On the other hand, a search term that takes a prolonged course of time to get popular would not be considered as trending.

The algorithm further establishes various levels of priority categorised as negative, emergency, and unusual. Mostly, the trends in this social media platform are about topics that create considerable interest amongst users; emergencies and negative trends don’t come up regularly.

Emergency trends spike during a weather warning like earthquakes, cyclones, tornados, and others.

The algorithm can determine whether the topic is a positive or a negative one. A negative feedback from customers would generally not be trending unless and until it gains prominence worldwide.

Negative trends can come from unsatisfied customers who received a faulty service or product, for example, when the batteries of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 began to explode.

However, negative trends provide significant insight for businesses to improve their product or service.

With the help of this social media platform, numerous companies are beginning to analyse customer sentiments based on trending topics. Finance companies, for example, use the trending topics to monitor market movements and find customer tastes.

Businesses are beginning to target audience with this feature when showcased with abnormal spikes in searches. They can pinpoint demography and locations that generate the most activity at a specific time, formulating their digital marketing campaigns more precisely.

They can also get to know the issues customers are facing from outside their products. For example, companies get knowledge of most technical complications arising in their devices from these trending topics.

As the scenario is, Twitter trends are playing a vital role for businesses in getting real-time insight customers’ psychology and behaviour. With this, they narrow down their approach to delivering products or services.

Effective customer support makes them more efficient in satisfying their users, beating the competition, and formulating a successful digital marketing campaign.


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