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UK customers happier with online digital marketing than social media

Recent study conducted by Rokt has found out that UK customers are 5 times happier with online digital marketing rather than on social networking sites. Customers are now interacting even after their purchase with the brands online.

Their survey on 4,000 shoppers online found that 71% of the entire UK customers now prefer online shopping. They remain focused and open-minded while browsing through virtual aisles and thus, present digital marketing experts with an opportunity to acquire more customers.

Online shopping is getting more endorphin pumping, almost five times greater than the social media hype. People are a lot less depressed and anxious as opposed to when they were highly active on these platforms,” stated a marketing professional recently.

This study furthermore revealed that feelings of excitement were 43%, happiness 62% and productivity was almost 36% amongst online purchasers. The study proved how individuals remained more engaged in purchasing endeavors instead of getting distracted with social media.

The CMO of Rokt, Geoff Smith commented, “The actual buyer behavior report suggested that every user remains the most engrossed while his or her purchasing transaction is going on. Sentiment, concentration and absolute engagement give an opportunity for more brands to emerge.”

Smith also talked about how, after completion of every transaction, about 28% of purchasers come back to the same brand for the second or third time in a row. Statistics showed that 26% of the UK customers show their interest in same brand’s products and about 13% of them are eager for next discount offers. This, in return, allows brands to project a lucrative digital marketing campaign online. Several untapped areas of the brand’s products receive a healthy purchasing boom.

The customer’s purchasing mind set is what sets the ball rolling for marketeers of the virtual world. Instead of social networking marketing campaigns, the purchaser finds solace with the official marketing sites in the UK.


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